Hong Kong’s First SFC-Approved Virtual Asset Manager

Bridging Traditional & Virtual Assets via Our All-in-One Financial Services Platform

Under a compliant regulatory framework, VSFG is committed to providing the best products and services to clients by integrating both traditional and virtual assets in an orderly manner.







We operate under a private banking model, providing external asset management services to individual clients through reputable private banks. At the same time, we focus on private equity funds covering Greater China, blockchain, artificial intelligence, artwork and virtual assets, which provide direct co-investment opportunities to institutions and professional investors.
Venture Smart Asia Limited (VSAL) and VSFG Asset Management Limited (VSAML) are licensed corporations regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong for types 1 (dealing in securities), 4 (advising on securities) and 9 (asset management) regulated activities pursuant to the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

We offer one-stop, hassle-free solutions for your dedicated needs – whether you are a financial institution or a family office, a professional investor or a corporate treasury.
VSFG’s all-in-one digital wealth management platform is managed by industry experts. We run best-in-class risk management over our open architecture platform. 24/7 monitoring both on-chain and off-chain. A secure, simple and direct way to gain exposure to virtual assets under a regulated framework.

Tokenization has the power to revolutionize the financial landscape intrinsically, changing how investments are managed, used and monetized by converting real world assets into digital tokens. From traditional assets like bonds, real estates and commodities to alternative assets like code, artwork, intellectual property and music, VSFG can provide a total solution to help issuers raise capital via tokenized securities, while providing a gateway to investors to diversify their portfolios.

From cryptocurrencies to NFTs, VSFG aims to provide clients with a simple and secure digital wallet to manage crypto and virtual assets easily and all at one glance. Accounts can be managed anytime, anywhere, without any boundaries.